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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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neighborhood on edge. battleground florida. a political team is live in miami as we count down to the florida miami is new rules at the st. pete grand prix. why security will be tighter this year. thank you for joining us this evening. >> we are beginning with breaking news tonight out of pinellas county. someone has been hit by a car in indian shores. straight to eagle 8hd. paul, what's happening there? >> good afternoon. we are on 197th avenue just east of south bumped. so just past where the gulf of mexico is over on the opposite side. far. i will push in town here. the road is closed off due to a pedestrian accident from what looks like and i can tell, it seems to be a fatal. there is a tarp over a body. to figure out what happened. traffic delay because it's a side street. but right now they are going to
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if it is a fatal, they want to make sure they know exactly what happened. we will stick with it and let you know if we have any more information. deputies are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a girl at her bus stop. it happened in davin part. jenel lemay joins us now. she explains the man used a scary tactic to try to lure a girl into the car. >> reporter: her bus stops here at the intersection at ronald reagan parkway. as that girl was walking home a man got close to her as he was driving on the parkway and told hospital, she sent us to get you. luckily, that little girl took off running. neighbors in the davenport community are on edge after hearing someone tried to lure an 11-year-old girl into a vehicle. >> that is very scary.
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a safe neighborhood for the children because they are always out here playing. >> reporter: rosemarie little is just a few doors down from the olympia. democrats say a white four-door car with tinted windows approached the girl on the parkway after she got off her school bus. she was walking home when the car approached. the passenger told the girl your mom is in the hospital and she sent us to get you. >> i wish the kids could grow up when i grew up. >> reporter: luckily, she took off running home where she told her mom what happened. >> it's very concerning. my kids go to that bus stop, too, as well. i am always there to make sure that something like this occur. >> reporter: the perpetrator seen in this sketch is out there and needs the public's help finding him. >> we have got to find this guy. we have got to find him before he does successfully pick up some young person someplace.
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man was in his late 40s, early 50s with short hair with a salt and pepper goatee. they say that he was wearing a green shirt with orange lettering on the front. if you see this man or may know him, call detectives. reporting in polk county. >> thanks. more breaking news to tell you about. a case of the zika virus has been discovered in polk county. governor rick scott says it was sexually transmitted. the patient had sex with someone who traveled overseas and contracted zika. there are now two cases of zika in polk county and three in hillsborough county. and more breaking news. we are just now hearing 911 incident. deputies used stop sticks and a pit maneuver to step derek hyde. before they could stop him he new things out of his vehicle. listen to some 911 calls from people driving on 301 near this guy.
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he's on the other side of the road. he is going to cause a head-on collision. >> i am a few cars way from him. i can see him. he almost hit somebody head on. >> deputies found a bag of white powder inside hyde's truck. charges. he has been arrested eight before. and third breaking story tonight. a tampa bay buccaneers have now reached a deal. they are keeping running back doug martin on the team. martin was due to become an unrestricted free agent at 4:00 today. jason lighten and head coach derek cutter confirmed that they have resigned him to a five year deal. we will have in depth analysis at six. we are less than a week away from florida's winner take all primary. both democratic and republican candidates candidates are trying
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both parties' races look closer. but donald trump and hillary clinton are both gaining momentum. that isn't stopping the other candidates from ramping up the pressure. >> tonight bernie sanders, hillary clinton are going to bat it will out once again on the debate stage. our political team in miami tonight covering every angle of this story. keith is joining us from miami danger community college. >> well, who really knows? we are going to have to wait and see what happens. sparks could fly. we are still almost like four hours away from this debate. behind me. this is the media center. all the reporters and the getting ready for this debate. hillary clinton is still the frontrunner in this race. make no mistake. but there was a surprise whether and bernie sanders. the last time these two debated it was back in flint, michigan. show some of that video. you can see these two going at it. there was a lot of talk about international trade. job losses.
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talk about the economy. so important there in the rust belt area and really bernie sanders laid some things on hillary clinton that i think worked in his favor. clearly, last night, even though she was supposed to be way up in the polls, 20% in michigan, bernie sanders stole michigan last night. that gives him a lot of momentum. she picked up mississippi and a lot of delegates. both feeling good about their results last night. listen to some of this. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of reputeiated the polls that i was 20, 25 points down a few days ago. >> we have our differences, which you can see when we debate. but i tell you what, those pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. >> and she has a point there. when you watch these debates, and i have seen them in person, watched them on television just
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when the democrats debate there is more an issue-oriented debate. it really is personality division when you see the republicans debate. they will do that tomorrow. right now we can segue over to the republican race. two things strike me in miami. jeb bush is saying he is meeting with ted cruz and marco rubio. he is going to meet with anybody who wants to meet with except donald trump. not wanting to support donald trump. the other big surprise today, candace, was ted cruz. he had a guest? >> absolutely. he had an endorsement from a former presidential candidate. if you look at some of this video, former presidential candidate carly fiorina threw her support behind ted cruz at a rally earlier today. cruz touting the former candidate's professional career as the reason her opinion should be respected. now, this is another push in cruz's momentum. he won idaho yesterday and several states super tuesday and super saturday. he says this momentum is the
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he has proven on multiple occasions he can beat trump. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to hand the general election on a silver platter to hillary clinton and the democrats, then i ask you to join us. if you are a jeb supporter, if you are a marco supporter, if you are a kasich supporter, we welcome you to our team. >> reporter: yeah. and a new poll from cnn/orc showing ted cruz in third place with 17%. rick santorum will be in northern florida campaigning for rubio late they are week. you talked about jeb bush. the question is, do these endorsements matter? if it did, jeb bush would still be in the race at this point. >> reporter: carly fiorina was moving towards ted cruz and away from marco rubio.
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endorsement, i think that's the end of marco rubio. i think donald trump is up in the republican poll 40%? >> yes. with rubio at 24%. >> big margin. he has a lot of torque make up. so does bernie sanders. we go back to the democratic debate. that is the focus tonight. i think the polls showing her up about 61% over bernie sanders. should be fiery. we are four hours away. we will have more at 6:00 as well. we will look at all these candidates. but the center of the universe, of the political universe, is right here in florida. 99 delegates up for grabs. even in the republicans, 507 their votes. we will see what happens. but a lot of action here in miami. keith, thank you. miami. they will be back at six,
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and 11 with continuing coverage of tonight's democratic presidential debate from miami. tomorrow our team political republican debate. keith and candice will have pre-and post debate analysis from miami. a natural gas explosion it destroyed businesses and injured nine firefighters, a bike shop. they reveal a pile of rubble. that's all that's left. energy officials are working with the fire department to determine the cause of that explosion. a man wanted for the shooting of an idaho pastor is behind bars. the secret service arrested kyle odom outside the white house fence. he was an ex marine. he threw several tights over the fence and among those items were documents claiming the pastor tim remmington was a martian. he also mentioned dozens of religious and political leaders by name.
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connection with this cell phone video. you can see one of the officers slapping and kicking a teenage student while the second officer stands nearby. the officer accused of doing the slap is also on leave without pay. new security measures will be in place at this weekend's st. pete grand prix. >> "8 on your side" breaks down what you need to go before you go to the races. also ahead, a driver's nightmare. cars creep across a flooded bridge with water raging on both sides. the hulk hogan sex tape today we found out about
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attend prix in downtown st. petersburg can expect to see added measures. place there? a whole host of things. i am standing on the track where all the vroom is going on this weekend. more than 150,000 people are expected over the three-day event. this is the first time these security measures are in place. they affect every fan going through the gate and boats that want to tie up nearby. the twisting turning track of the firestone grand prix waves in and around the downtown waterfront and uses the runways of albert airport with picture postcard seems beamed around the nation and world. and for the first time fans will see a host of new security measures designed to keep the three-day event safe. >> the police department working
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put together what we believe to be a comprehensive security plan and one that addresses the state of where we live today. >> reporter: part of the plan includes two new k-9 bomb detecting dogs. ajax and aris will join the department's two other dogs trained at finding explosives. >> our dogs are a necessity in today's world based on all the attacks we have had through the nation and the world. >> reporter: grand prix arrivals can expect to see metal detectors like you see at the airport, bag checks and just more cops keeping an eye on thing. >> patrons should expect the same security that they would see at a major sporting event. don't bring the things that you wouldn't bring to the airport. don't bring those to the grand prix. >> reporter: assistant police chief tells me the ramped up security isn't because of any threat. he calls it common sense that comes with what's happening around us and is similar to bag restrictions at football games.
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you can also expect to see more officers patrolling downtown, beach drive, straw park, and tropicana field. and there is a live look at the straightaway here down here on the waterfront. this is going to be busy this weekend. it's a busy weekend for all of st. petersburg. tampa bay boat show is going on at the trop. i am told signs are going to be up to direct people around so you don't get lost. you know where to go. >> the grand prix is always a really good time for st. pete. police expecting any delays from people geting in there to see that? >> reporter: no, that's the good news. they have a vendor coming in. they have handled this before. they are professionals at this. so no delays are expected. i want to point out we are on the track, but the trolley down to the dolly is still going. here it comes by. >> you may want to move out of the way. step to your right, peter. all right, sir. thank you. that's really, really close, peter. we posted everything you need to
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street closure and detours on search grand prix. i think i was more nervous than peter there. strong storms are leaving damage and flooding in their wake across the south. this is a flooded bridge in louisiana. a passenger in a car shot this vo on interstate 20 in gibbs land. drivers inched forward as floodwater rushed on the other side of the bridge. just look at. this can you see the rushing water knocked over a tree as well. well, here at home we are looking at beautiful weather. check this out at lakewood ranch. sunny skies. comfortable temperatures right. now around 80 degrees this evening. mostly clear skies. we will have temperatures dropping about 72 degrees by 9 p.m. this evening. current temperatures, it is a little on the warm side. 82 in tampa and north port. those are the warm spots. also in zephyrhills a tad cooler
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getting a bit of a breeze off the cooler gulf waters. bit breezy, too. we have winds out of the southeast in general about 10 to 15 miles per hour. we know it's helping to stir up some of the pollen. today we have high pollen. thursday, friday, saturday without any rain in the forecast we are looking at oak, juniper and netle remaining high. right now satellite and radar picture. clear skies. we don't have any rain anywhere in our vicinity. so that pollen is going to continue to remain kind of on the high side. we have high pressure offshore bringing us warm southerly winds and keeping the big storms off to our west over parts of louisiana and arkansas and mississippi and texas. they have picked up nearly a foot of rain in some locations with an additional 5 inches of rain possible. and that's all because this strong block of high pressure is keeping all the rain out to the rest and continuing to bump in clear skies and warm weather
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for this evening beautiful. mostly clear skies heading into tomorrow morning. we will have lots of sunshine. be a little mild and breezy as well. by tomorrow afternoon click the repeat button. good deal of sunshine. a warm, high temperature of 83 degrees. running a couple degrees below our record high. then moving into friday it likes a nice day. partly cloudy skies. 64 to start the day. partly cloudy and another warm high temperature of 83 degrees by friday afternoon. all those showers and storms for west until about sunday. so on saturday maybe a little rogue shower preceding the rain and then we will see more rain coming into our area on sunday as that high pressure finally starts to back out. overnight tonight mostly clear skies. low temperature around 65 degrees. tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy 83 degrees. heading towards the coast it
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in clearwater. again the gulf waters right now are in the middle 60s. here is your seven-day forecast. a beautiful day again tomorrow. looking good on friday. maybe an additional cloud or two. a real rogue shower possible on saturday. sunday's best chance of rain not this week. don't forget to move your clocks ahead by one hour saturday night at 2 a.m. or sunday morning. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday looking pretty good. high temperatures remaining around 80. so it's kind of crazy, guys, right? i mean, just like two weeks ago we had highs in the 60s. now look at that. we are punching into spring mid time. >> all right. thank you. well, bay area city is one of the most popular places to celebrate st. patrick's day. >> ahead, your salad dressing is getting more expensive. which ingredient is to blame.
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now an "8 on your side" consumer alert. home depot is compensating customers affected by a data breach. they are paying $19.5 million. $13 million will go to reimburse card holders for losses. the rest will pay for identity protection services. olive oil is getting more expensive. prices are up 20% over last year. the price hike is blamed on drought and disease that devastated a big part of europe's olive crop. higher prices have many shoppers turning to olive oil alternatives. amazon's founder is hoping to launch a space tourism
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jeff bezos' company blue origin launching rockets at the cape canaveral station. the first test flights for people expect inside 2017. blue or begin is not taking deposits just yet. tampa is one of the top ten best cities to celebrate st. patrick's day. wallet hub ranked it number six. the river of green is next week, by the way. boaters die the river green. you can enjoy live music, irish food at curtis hixon park. >> that's serious green there. >> they are not joking around. >> a lot of fun. josh benson, what's coming up? >> a lot coming up. an overnight fire destroys a business, several businesses. how owners and employees are trying to move forward from that. a baseball dugout, check it out, covered in bees. yes. not good. what happened when a massive
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30. >> good evening. i am jennifer leigh. >> i am josh benson. >> another revealing day of testimony in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. a former editor testified the newsworthy. elements of the tape were court. news channel 8's jeff patterson joins us live. people seem fascinated with this trial based on the social media response, jeff. >> reporter: yes, yes, they do, jen. today's testimony can best be tmi.


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